Richards’ Southern Fried brings a unique taste of the South to Krog Street Market, an Atlanta food hall known as a hub for culinary innovation. Located in the historic Inman Park neighborhood Richards’ is a casual, counter-service restaurant serving up a new style of hot chicken along with fresh-made sides.

Richards’ birds are exclusively sourced from Springer Mountain Farms for tender, juicy pieces of fried chicken.

• The chicken is marinated in our spiced brine for 24 to 48 hours depending on the size of the bird.
• After brining, chicken pieces are air-dried to develop flavor and lock in juices.
• Many spices for our seasoning are ground fresh, in house, ensuring peak flavor, aroma and color.
• The chicken is coated in flour and seasonings then pressure-fried, giving it a unique exterior that’s crispy and crunchy, but not heavy.
• The meticulous process and freshly-ground spices give Richards’ Southern Fried chicken a one-of-a-kind color that can only come from the highest-quality ingredients.

Richards’ Southern Fried chicken is served in three flavors: Classic, Hot and Richards’ Hot.

Classic is well-seasoned without heat – a delicious option for anyone!
Hot introduces you to the slow-burn heat that is the hallmark of the Richards’ Southern Fried spice mix.
Richards’ Hot is an experience that everyone should try – at least once – thanks to the masterful balance of heat and flavor, with neither dominating the other.

Locally sourced, seasonal sides following the Southern traditions that Chef Richards learned from childhood.